Science Snippets

Natural is better than synthetic. And synthetic is better than natural!
Name dropping: Rebeca Gerschman, a pioneer in the study of ROS* and free radical toxicity
How do you say “lazy” in German? “Faul.”
What’s special about argan oil….and what isn’t.
How much is too much?
Copper as a generator of reactive oxygen species. Ouch!
All that shines is not gold.
Fake science can kill you.
Nature does not love us humans. Or anybody, or anything, actually.
From the NYT on Frances Arnold
Father’s Day is near. Can men use skin care products designed for women? Should they?
Why Skin Actives’ Zit Ender is so effective (and so revolutionary)
So you don’t want sulfates in your skin care products?
From the NYT: This is the truth about vaccines
About beta glucans and lectins and starch and more
It is hard to keep up.
Explaining why I get excited about epidermal growth factor
Post Radiation Cream
Anti-aging Hydramist
Skin Actives Earth Week quiz