Science Snippets

Essential oils can fix all your skin problems. Really? No, not really.
Why is old skin so thin?
Stem cells, telomeres, sirtuins, apocynin for young skin
Mary Elizabeth Williams on Nobel Prize Laureate James Allison
How good are Good’s buffers and more name dropping.
How to reduce the appearance of large pores
The epidermis is anything but dead!
Is that science?
The humblest people I ever met.
Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos and I.
Subcutaneous fat: how to take care of it
You broke it! Now let me tell you how to fix the acid mantle of your skin.
We are using more sunscreen but skin cancer is still increasing. Why?
The “plasma pen” does not exist. A plasma pen simply burns your skin!
Natural is better than synthetic. And synthetic is better than natural!
Name dropping: Rebeca Gerschman, a pioneer in the study of ROS* and free radical toxicity
How do you say “lazy” in German? “Faul.”
What’s special about argan oil….and what isn’t.
How much is too much?
Copper as a generator of reactive oxygen species. Ouch!