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The key to skin rejuvenation is synergy. Skin Actives is skincare synergy
We worked hard (and are still working hard) to give your skin and hair a great New Year!
What so special about Skin Actives’ new Superoxide Dismutase (sH-SOD)
Would you be interested? Care packages to friends and family shipped direct.
Thank you for a very good year!
For Thanksgiving, I give you the words that guide me through life.
Would you love it? Yes! Thailand loves Skin Actives, and this is why.
Synergy or “the total is larger than the sum of the parts”.
Are “plant-based” ingredients good or bad? And for what?
Skin Actives: ingredient synergy for skin health and beauty
Association or cause and effect? That’s the question
Elucidating the “miracle” of royal jelly
The color of skincare products
Plants and the chemicals they make: black cumin oil (Nigella sativa)
How to protect and repair the skin: a new paradigm. ROS* and antioxidants.
New year’s resolution: be nice to your skin!
How to tell if a skin care product is good (or bad!)
Happy New Year!
Money and skin care.
Do we need plastic surgery? Maybe we don’t.