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Use of pejoratives as a money making trick.
Give me a break! A sincare routine for “overworked” skin
Prebiotics and probiotics for the skin. An update.
“This Is Your Skin on Stress”
Itch, scratch, repeat. Or try our nourishing skin serum.
Skin care trends to avoid: trendy stuff!
Winter is here, and so are chapped lips.
Signs you are using too many actives (or the wrong ones) and what to do about it
How skin care can help train innate immunity
Oils to add to your bath
Detoxing your skin? Are you sure that you can do better than Nature?
And here we go again: galvanic desincrustation!
Fading dark spots. What is possible. What’s not.
What do you have against soy?
Who to blame for your sensitive skin? I will tell you!
How special is glycolic acid? And how ordinary is the Ordinary?
Hard work: how to translate an ingredient list to “plain English”
What’s a bruise? I tell you how to “cancel” them
The skin: layers of complexity and chemistry
Theories posing as Science