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Water and your skin
What do you mean by “moisturize” your skin? And “hydrate”?
Things to do while you have to stay at home. Take care of your skin! Start with your hands.
Yes to ethanol 70%. Say NO to fancy herbal extracts or essential oils!
The “common” menopause. A bummer, certainly, but let’s look at the silver lining.
Your hands and face in times of coronavirus (like right now). Get some petrolatum!
Remove makeup. Carefully. Why and how.
Professor Augustinus Bader. With Victoria Beckham. More of the same.
Human feet need care all year round.
Menopause ages skin and hair. How?
What on earth is Progeline™?
Plants and the chemicals they make. The basics.
Hate “sulfates”? Don’t use abbreviations in chemistry (unless you are a chemist!)
How old are you? Let me look at your neck and hands and I will tell you.
Your body has the capacity to self-heal. You can make this task easier.
Tell me about permanent hair removal. Yes or no?
5 ingredients you want in your skin care, plus 5 you don’t!
New year’s resolution: be nice to your skin!
Do you need ceramides? Yes and no.
How to tell if a skin care product is good (or bad!)