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Fading dark spots. What is possible. What’s not.
What do you have against soy?
Who to blame for your sensitive skin? I will tell you!
How special is glycolic acid? And how ordinary is the Ordinary?
Hard work: how to translate an ingredient list to “plain English”
What’s a bruise? I tell you how to “cancel” them
The skin: layers of complexity and chemistry
Theories posing as Science
Copper and your skin, who should and shouldn’t use it and how much is too much
Going back to school this fall: life is different but your skin still matters.
How to Read an Ingredient List, what to look for
Your mitochondria – what are they and how you can care after them (with the right skincare!)
What are electrolytes? Are they any use in skincare?
Sun damaged skin needs TLC. Lots.
Water and your skin
What do you mean by “moisturize” your skin? And “hydrate”?
Things to do while you have to stay at home. Take care of your skin! Start with your hands.
Yes to ethanol 70%. Say NO to fancy herbal extracts or essential oils!
The “common” menopause. A bummer, certainly, but let’s look at the silver lining.
Your hands and face in times of coronavirus (like right now). Get some petrolatum!