Beginners skin science

Plants and the chemicals they make. The basics.
Hate “sulfates”? Don’t use abbreviations in chemistry (unless you are a chemist!)
How old are you? Let me look at your neck and hands and I will tell you.
Your body has the capacity to self-heal. You can make this task easier.
Tell me about permanent hair removal. Yes or no?
5 ingredients you want in your skin care, plus 5 you don’t!
New year’s resolution: be nice to your skin!
Do you need ceramides? Yes and no.
How to tell if a skin care product is good (or bad!)
What bariatric surgery can do to your skin and hair – if you are not careful.
What matters? The product itself, or the “massage” we get when we apply it?
The skin of men does not need care. Or does it?
Plants and the chemicals they make. Bakuchiol: you’ll have to convince me
The strongest aging agent: the sun
What types of foods can I eat that will help prevent damage to the skin? 
How long it will take to see the effects of skin care products on my skin?
The skin care industry bombards us with myths. Just wear ear plugs!
Plants and the chemicals they make. Favorite plants that gave us “magical” actives for skin care.
Do we need plastic surgery? Maybe we don’t.
A serum or a cream? Is it important?