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The secret to healthy (and youthful) skin is TIU! Part 2: Superoxide dismutase

ROS can destroy everything they find: proteins, DNA, lipids, and life. The environment provides plenty of ROS* (reactive oxygen species), but so does your body! How? Respiration and mitochondria are the main suppliers of usable energy to fulfill all our needs. They produce energy by extracting it from foodstuffs, and electron transport plays a big part in this. However, the electron transport process, a marvel of life, is far from perfect, and ROS* are formed.

Our body has the machinery to deal with ROS*, acquired during millions of years of evolution in an oxygen-containing atmosphere. But this machinery, just like everything else in our bodies, ages as we age. Why does our hair go grey? Valuable enzymes required to keep ROS* under control decrease in our scalp cells as we age.

Regarding TIU (Top It Up), antioxidant power is as important as growth factors. There is the UV to worry about, plus environmental ROS* plus endogenous ROS*. Topical supplementation of antioxidant proteins supplied by Skin Actives will help your skin and scalp deal with all of those ROS*. They will also give your skin a chance to heal, which the skin never loses.

What are our antioxidant proteins?  We have the proteins that make up the cell antioxidant system.

At Skin Actives, we replenish the skin’s natural defenses by carefully following the established antioxidant system already at work in our skin. We don’t innovate in the sense that we don’t build from scratch; we only refresh and “top-up” the natural system. We can achieve this because we understand how the skin functions: its anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Amazing scientific advances in the last few decades have made this possible and we have the means. We add proteins needed to replenish the natural human skin antioxidant systems. Although others may have access to the technology, we at Skin Actives specialize in producing high-purity, high-specific activity, and antioxidant proteins developed to match human skin requirements.

SOD, superoxide dismutase, is key to the whole antioxidant system that makes life possible in a high oxygen atmosphere. But don’t confuse our SOD with what other companies give you. They provide plant extract that, at best, has a hint of SOD activity. Take the extract, measure SOD activity, and you will get a number that will do little to change the state of your skin’s antioxidant system. At Skin Actives, we went the high-tech way: make the pure enzyme with high specific activity, which only a very good protein chemist (like those working for Skin Actives) can deliver.

When we say “superoxide dismutase,” we don’t mean a drop of melon juice with infinitesimal SOD activity. We mean actual SOD:  the super-duper protein that hundreds of scientific researchers made possible after centuries of science, Nobel prizes, genius, and very hard work.

You can get Skin Actives products, thank a scientist.



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