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Lessons from 2020. 2+2=4. Plus we need hope and each other to survive.
Preventing damage to the skin is (sort of) easy. But can you repair damage after the fact?
Wearing a mask for hours on end: common skin problems and how to avoid them
Can you use our hair and lash products if you don’t have hair growth issues? Yes!
Who needs high potency Epidermal Growth Factor products?
Will your skin care for cannabidiol (CBD)?
How special is glycolic acid? And how ordinary is the Ordinary?
Your mitochondria – what are they and how you can care after them (with the right skincare!)
So now you know that the fountain of youth and HGH were mirages. Next snake oil, please.
Sun damaged skin needs TLC. Lots.
Skin support during illness: Post Radiation Cream and ELS by Skin Actives
Vanity and Skin Actives hair serum
Plants and the chemicals they make: caffeine.
Plants and the chemicals they make: black cumin oil (Nigella sativa)
How to protect and repair the skin: a new paradigm. ROS* and antioxidants.
The skin of men does not need care. Or does it?
Which parts of our body do we ignore at our own peril?
Wintery dry skin is in the horizon. Here’s how to keep dry skin at bay.
Thinking of plastic surgery? First, give your skin a chance.
Stem cells, telomeres, sirtuins, apocynin for young skin