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Actives in Your Favorite Brand

Actives in Your Favorite Brand

Welcome to DIY (Do It Yourself) skin care. You like product "X" but do not want to pay $250 for 0.5 oz? Then make it yourself. You wonder whether you can do it? If you can make a salad, then you can make a cream that will have the actives of both ReVive and Lancome. Don't be scared, we will help you step by step and answer all your questions.

The active ingredients in a number of popular skin care lines can be found in this table.

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Skin Actives Scientific Glossary

By Hannah Sivak, PhD Biochemist

Use this glossary to learn more about the active ingredients featured in Skin Actives’ products. For our suggested usage instructions, click on the links to the product pages.

Dr. Sivak's Lab

Video: Turning Back the Clock

Dr. Hannah Sivak talks about turning back the clock with her amazing products in this interview. From the difference between having plastic surgery to the reasons why Skin Actives product can make your skin look like younger skin. She touches on the how skin ages and how to get rid of sun spots.