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And more vegan collagen
Advertising or fraud? When words don’t mean what you think they do.
What ingredients would you put in a hair mask?
Formulas passed from mother to daughter? Maybe if they are both synthetic chemists.
Word Magic. Beware of skincare adverts using shiny words.
Best answer ever for “Why do I hear about this line a lot”
The new con is “Clean Beauty”. But, behind the con, there is a real problem we van help solve.
Mother Dirt.: the ingredients, the advertising gimmick and reality.
Will this product get your skin to make more collagen?
Do you need “bespoke” skin care product? Do you need “AI” devices? Do you need gimmicks?
Transformative? Only to your pocket.
Will this product lighten dark spots?
In Australia, prostaglandin analogs are Schedule 4 substances under the Poisons Standard.
From a whole page to a few items: decoding an eye “concentrate”
Impossible ingredient lists: Consonant skincare serum
Anything (good) these products can do for you? Let’s look at the ingredient lists. I give you clues.
Pyunkang Yul. Exotic name with very non-exotic ingredients. Synthetic, any one?
Professor Augustinus Bader. With Victoria Beckham. More of the same.
Purslane: good for salad, it has a pretty flower and it’s great at expelling all evil.
Money and skin care.