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What Vitamin E can do for you (and what can’t)
Good, bad and ugly ingredients for acne
Etnomedicine and antibacterial actives: a medieval Saxon remedy
Reasons why you should add hyaluronic acid to your skin care routine. And some reasons why not.
Retinol, retinoic acid, retinyl ester, retin-A…… why so many retinoids?
Skin support during illness: Post Radiation Cream and ELS by Skin Actives
5 benefits of witch hazel for your skin.
Question: What makes a chemical a “vitamin C”?
What’s in Skin Actives Essential Booster 2020? Stuff you want!
The power of one of our five senses: Smell. Learn about essential oils.
Collagen in your skin vs. collagen on your skin vs. collagen in a pill. Or in chicken soup.
Menopause ages skin and hair. How?
Purslane: good for salad, it has a pretty flower and it’s great at expelling all evil.
What on earth is Progeline™?
Plants and the chemicals they make: caffeine.
Plants and the chemicals they make: black cumin oil (Nigella sativa)
Plants and the chemicals they make: Will the “everlasting” flower extend your life or make your skin younger?
How to protect and repair the skin: a new paradigm. ROS* and antioxidants.
Plants and the chemicals they make. Bakuchiol: you’ll have to convince me
Plants and the chemicals they make. Favorite plants that gave us “magical” actives for skin care.