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Questions and answers about the skin microbiome and pre- and probiotics.
How can they sell 70% glycolic peels? They can’t (they just say they do).
Have fun while you learn biochemistry (and how to cook)
Personalize your skin care product with these skin firming ingredients
Zit ender oil by any other name….
What is Tremella. Not one, not two but three in one. Nature is very complicated!
Pseudoscience and quackery in cosmetics
Cruelty free is also common sense
Licorice extract. What is it good for?
Azelaic acid. What is it good for?
No, plants don’t have collagen. So what’s that about “vegan collagen”?
What is melatonin? Why use it on your skin? When?
What are the causes of uneven skin tone? Can you correct it?
Does your skin need coconut oil?
What’s your favorite ingredient?
Niacinamide: when a fashionable ingredient happens to be a good ingredient.
What so special about alpha lipoic acid?
Best answer ever for “Why do I hear about this line a lot”
Old chemicals from a very old plant that continues to surprise: Silymarin and Milk Thistle
Proteins, peptides, enzymes, growth factors and more.