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How these skin care ingredients help your skin. A to F.
When are preservatives required? Which preservatives are acceptable? Which are effective?
The beautiful superoxide dismutases (SOD)
If your old scars behave as a barometer, go for Skin Actives ELS with hemp extract!
Argireline®, the “topical Botox™”. How well did it age?
Can celery seed extract “shrink” your pores? More claims.
The greenest “hack” for the cosmetic formulator: Skin Actives specialty proteins
Neuroactive cosmetics? Psychodermatology? Plants in skincare advertising.
“Badmouthing” ingredients. Follow the money.
What is glycation? What are A.G.E.s? And what about that “safe” sunless tan?
First, do no harm. What part of this dictum don’t they understand?
Surprise! There is more than one reason why our hair goes grey.
Can you improve you mood with a cosmetic ingredient? Yes, you can… but you may not.
How and why your skin makes ceramides
Advanced Ageless ELS: liquid gold for your skin (….if gold were actually useful for the skin)
What is cysteamine? Does it work for melasma?
How important are ceramides?
Niacinamide for your skin. When? Why? And how to DIY!
What is a nonapeptide? What can it do for your skin?
Royal jelly is great, but using it isn’t! What can you do?