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New year’s resolution: be nice to your skin!

The pressure on us, women, has been there forever (think of what women have been doing, and still are, to their feet). The pressure on women to have a mask-like skin has been here for centuries. We may think that it is us who make the decision, but do we?


The answer to this question is within ourselves, we call it “common sense”.

Dos your skin look like “glass”? No. So don’t push it to make it so.

Think of your skin as a live organ that protects you from a hostile environment (UV, reactive oxygen species, pollutants) and keep treating it nicely so that it can keep doing this difficult (almost impossible) job. With age, the skin, just like the rest of our bodies, will give up. Don’t push it!

What to do and what not.

  1. Limit your exposure to the sun
  2. Wear sunscreen
  3. Don’t exfoliate your skin to (literary) death with acids or abrasives (a.k.a. microexfoliants)
  4. Don’t heat up your skin with red, blue, whatever lights. They are not “FDA approved” whatever the advertising may say.
  5. Throw away alcohol based toners
  6. Say “no” to benzoyl peroxide or other products that will contribute to oxidative stress of the skin.
  7. Please understand: the cells that make your eyebrows and eyelashes can die.
  8. The cells that make your hair can die (if your scalp does).
  9. Say “no” to allergenic and/or irritating fragrances. They don’t belong in skin care products (or anywhere).

Many posts in my blog explain why the above are always bad ideas. Look them up if you wish to understand more about the “how”.

How to be nice to your skin

1) Think: healthy skin is good.

2) Provide nutrition, after a certain age your body does not prioritize the skin.

3) Good actives: Vitamin E, epidermal growth factor, Vitamin A, apocynin, essential fatty acids and more.

4) Remember your scalp: it needs nutrition and keratinocyte growth factor.

5) Look at Skin Actives Scientific for good products. We offer actives that are not available elsewhere.

Happy New Year!