Do we need plastic surgery? Maybe we don’t.

One thing I know is that people are silly when it comes to assess their bodies. This often works against us, like with young people being misled about being fat. It is called body dismorphic disorder and it can become a major problem lead to death like with Karen Carpenter, the great singer.

It also happens with our faces. We may think that everybody is looking at that big zit when actually it is so minor that only us notice them. The same happens with wrinkles.

So, what “deserves” plastic surgery? We need to be careful here, because the “after” may be worse than the “before”. Look on the internet and you will see some awful results of plastic surgery, and the same is true for laser and other “treatments”, many of which are experimental or, worse, have been shown to be detrimental.

I would suggest that if your nose makes you unhappy, you should ask your friends what they think. They may tell you that your “awful” nose makes you beautiful in a special way. This is what actress Jennifer Grey found out: her old nose made her special, and her pretty new nose made her almost invisible.

About wrinkles or dropping eyelids, you may find that there are some very effective topical products, like Skin Actives collagen serum that may restore elasticity to the skin and make plastic surgery unnecessary. Remember: plastic surgery will cut skin away or inject filler but will not restore skin to its youthful state. But actives like epidermal growth factor and Vitamin A can do exactly that: turn the clock back. So before you go for expensive and dangerous treatments, make sure you first try topical actives known to help your skin health.


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