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Adenosine Triphosphate or the miracle of life. Bravo for biochemistry!

O ATP! I could write poems to ATP, sing to it, or maybe build a sculpture! It’s the most beautiful molecule in the world. Or maybe Rubisco is, or chlorophyll. I have many favorites.

But ATP is the energy currency of life.  Life “runs” on ATP, the energy that allows cells to make order out of disorder and build molecules using what, ultimately, it’s the sun’s energy.

But let’s keep it simple: our cells make ATP out of the food we eat. Our skin uses ATP to do almost everything, to keep everything going, make new cells, and keep going for almost 100 years.


Figure: the ultimate energy currency, ATP

How can you use it for skincare?  Just add it to a cream or lotion and mix. Follow the instructions in the vial you get from SAS and enjoy. You can’t go wrong. I don’t know how much ATP will penetrate the skin, probably very little, but everything in this molecule is valuable, and your skin will recycle everything into more ATP, which will be reused again and again. Use it to make proteins, hyaluronic acid, to rebuild your cell membranes, to power up the machinery of life.

Figure: ATP powder, ready for you to use.

Keep the well-closed tube in the fridge or freezer until you add it to your lotion.




Read here about how the cell makes ATP. Nobel prize 1997 to Paul D. Boyer and John E. Walker.

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