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Why should you care about your skin?

Why do you need healthy skin? Why do you need young skin?

For many people, their face and the age their face projects to the world, will determine whether they get a particular job or whether they get to the second date. We may not like it, but it’s a fact. How we look is important.

Even for those of us who don’t go out much, our skin is incredibly important. If your life is good and you want to keep living it into your 90’s, healthy skin will make an enormous difference. The paper-thin skin of the very old cannot do its job properly – keeping infectious agents out, keeping water in, etc., and it feels uncomfortable. There’s no reason why aging should thin our skin to that extent; we should keep our skin not just looking young, but “working young”. So often, a consumer will choose to undergo plastic surgery (where a doctor will stretch the skin, cut pieces of it away, and insert fillers) and immobilize the underlying muscles without first thinking that the procedure as a whole might fail if the skin isn’t really healthy.

What’s wrong with old skin? Old, thin, unhealthy skin can’t do the job of protecting your body from the

Keep your skin healthy and young. It can be done.

By learning about structure and function of your skin you will be able to choose your skin care products and routines on the basis of knowledge and not on advertising. Knowledge is power. Learn more at and get the tools you need at

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Hannah Sivak, PhD



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