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My favorite Skin Active products

My favorite Skin Actives product changes with the day. I don’t mean “day of the week,” but rather what bothers me on a particular day.

My main concern is comfort, but I also like to see myself in the mirror and not get scared (except for Halloween, when I wear my witch hat).  Why comfort and not beauty? When I was in my 30s I wore high heels and didn’t care much about the blisters. Now, I have a different perspective on life, the universe, and everything!

For comfort: Every Lipid Serum on my desk and bathroom. If something hurts or itches, I use the version with CBD. If not,I use just the plain version.  For me, itchy skin is worse than pain,  and besides the dryness of Arizona, which makes dry skin an everyday thing, I also have accumulated quite a few scars over the years. Scars can itch, and mine do.  I also like to add a few drops to my bath water to get a thin layer of lipids deposited all over my body.
When I talk about scary, collagen serum is the one that lifted my eyelids better than surgery and it’s time to go back to it.

For itchy scalp, sea kelp bioferment does the trick, plus it works like a hair conditioner (probably because of the polysaccharides in it).

Almost every Skin Actives product I designed was built with a person or problem in mind. The post-radiation cream for my friend Cecilia, and then it came the time when I had to use it. It helped with the pain, itch, and accelerated healing, and the results impressed oncologists in two countries. I am very proud of that cream.

Our hair serum with KGF helped me when I was losing hair, and I am pleased to report that my hair is still strong and abundant.

And last, but not least, I am very proud of the cream I designed for my grandaughter diaper rash (which was made worse by an “all-natural” but very allergenic cream), Dream Cream.




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