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Cancer and radiation treatment. How Skin Actives can help.

In radiation treatment for cancer, noxious radiation is used, in a VERY focused way, to kill cancer cells. Using information from PET scans and more, the physician/math/physics expert, designs a treatment strategy suitable for the type and location of cancer cells. The objective is to kill cancer cells without harming the healthy tissue around them. This is easier said than done. There will always be damage to healthy tissue, even when using top-of-the-line methodology and equipment. Fort example, the skin is on the way when targeting breast cancer cells “hiding” within the bones. What will happen? Let’s concentrate on the fact that cancer cells will be destroyed, adding months or years of life, let’s be heroic and take the treatment. But we can’t ignore the other fact: the skin will be burned to some extent and it will hurt. Here is where Skin Actives can help.

Skin Actives post-radiation cream will help with the pain (and itch) of the skin areas affected by the treatment. You can apply it immediately after the treatment and as often as you wish. The doctor may ask you not to apply it before the radiation treatment, you don’t want to interfere with that.  You can also use Skin Actives ELS serum, our lipid serum that will also help with healing, pain, and itch. Use ELS also with scars from cancer treatment surgery, which can result in pain and itch lasting for months.

ELS can also help with another nasty leftover from cancer surgery: lymphedema. Lymphedema happens when the surgeon has to remove lymphatic nodes that have been invaded by cancer cells. The lymphatic system would allow cancer cells to invade the rest of the body rapidly so the affected nodes must be removed. The human body may be amazing, but it’s not well designed for illness: remove lymph nodes and fluid will accumulate in the affected extremity. Lymphedema must be treated, otherwise the excess fluid would lead to skin damage and worse. ELS serum can, again, be really helpful, restoring softness to the skin in the hand and arm of the affected extremity.

Also important are the scalp and hair. The chemical treatments used to contain, slow down and/or stop cancer from spreading are designed for each type of cancer, but most of them will also affect cells that divide rapidly like those in the skin and scalp. Help keep your hair healthy by using Skin Actives hair serum. Even if the serum doesn’t stop hair loss during chemotherapy, it will accelerate recovery. The same for eyebrows and eyelashes.

We at Skin Actives have your back. Keep our products handy. It’s great to have ELS serum on hand when the skin itches and you can’t sleep!



DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.