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Who needs high potency Epidermal Growth Factor products?

Anybody who wants to ensure the fast healing.

I explained in my blog , and book, why more  (of anything!) is not always better. For example, high concentrations of copper, complexed with a peptide or as a  salt, will inhibit collagen synthesis. In other cases, more of a particular ingredient will not be deleterious but will not benefit you either; it will, however, be a waste of money.

Let’s be clear: the EGF concentration in Skin Actives “normal” products is sufficient. In fact, Skin Actives products containing growth factors have been helping SAS customers for more than 15 years. But, if you are in a situation where you want to make sure that all the EGF receptors are “occupied”, then go for high potency.

In some circumstances, and for some people, more of a particular ingredient may be just what they need. This is why we have a new line, for those special cases, called High Potency Growth Factor.

You may wish to heal that wound fast, recent burns, cuts.

When you are sick and your skin has been neglected by you and your body, which has been directing nutrition to “crucial” organs in need of attention.

For some people, doubling the concentration of epidermal growth factor would not be enough, you may have to go 10 times higher or more. In real terms, this concentration is not that high, because growth factors are signal proteins and are required at concentrations of parts per million (rather than parts per 100, or %). Still, the change will increase the price of the product because growth factors are the most expensive ingredients in the serums, be it the collagen serum (EGF) or the hair (KGF).

Who could benefit from Skin Actives High Potency products?

EGF: women going through menopause. The decrease in estrogen is devastating for the skin. In the case of chemical menopause, not only is the estrogen withdrawal sudden but it is also total, as the estrogen suppressant inhibits estrogen synthesis all throughout the body, including tissues that would normally make estrogen even after menopause.

MDs treating diabetic wounds may wish to use high EGF concentration because these wounds are very slow to heal and the proteases present in the wound will break down the growth factor.

Use it for wounds that require extensive healing, like those in which a large amount of tissue was removed.

For patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation during the course of cancer treatment, keratinocyte growth factor can help retain some hair, eyebrows and eyelashes and accelerate regrowth.  The addition of antioxidant proteins will help decrease hair loss and decrease hair graying.

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