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What is microblading?

Microblading is a fancy name for permanent makeup of the eyebrow area. It is meant to be permanent and it is not hair, it is ink deposited deep inside your skin.

Anybody older than 15 knows that make-up fashion changes every year, and even every season, influenced by a variety of factors including what the big makeup companies want to sell. New make-up styles will make redundant all the make up products people bought last season and that will be an infusion of cash for the industry.

People older than 20 know that the price of plucking eyebrows is the eventual loss of eyebrows. I have seen women with the eyebrow area lacking any hair and painted to look like eyebrows. It is not pretty so why they do it? They do it because after months or even years of plucking their eyebrows they lost all the hair. Remember that skin is alive, and the cells that make hair are alive, and it is possible to kill them.

Don’t pluck your eyebrows to follow a fashion trend because the fashion will change but your eyebrows may not regrow to follow the new fashion. The thin eyebrows that were fashion once are not anymore.

If you lost eyebrows to an accident or a youthful wish for thin eyebrows, you can still try to re-grow them with Skin Actives eyebrow and eyelash serum. If your cells still have the capacity to regrow hair, they will do so with Skin Actives products.

You will, I hope, live many good and happy years and will see fashions come and go. Don’t let fashion change your face in a permanent way, in a couple of years you may wish you didn’t, but you may be stuck with a microbladed face.

Tattoos are expensive and painful to erase, and some inks are practically permanent. Try to think long term because fashion changes and we change too.