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What happens to eye brows when the fashion changes

Why can’t we leave our eyebrows alone? Queen Nefertiti didn’t. And that was in the 1300’s BC.


Figure. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, 1360 BC.

When fashion changes again (and it will!), will your eyebrows recover?

Heavy eyebrows in Pompeii. Needle thin, heavy, shaved, curved. Strong brow with a high arch. Sophia shaved them off completely, then penciled them with short, thread-thin strokes that secured a bold, yet “natural” look. Mini-models become supermodels by shaving their eyebrows (but singer Mina did it long before them).

I’ve seen many women whose eyebrows will not recover, ever. Why? If you simply shave them, they may take many months to regrow, because they grow slowly. But start plucking them and, voila! they will disappear. The cells that make eyebrows will turn into plain skin cells and that’s it.


Here are my suggestions

If today’s fashion dictates “no eyebrows”, cover them up with makeup. Tomorrow, when the fashion changes to heavy brows, augment them with makeup. Make-up may not be great for this or that, especially if it’s thick, but it is certainly more benign than plucking out your eyebrows.

If you lost your eyebrows, there may be hope. It all depends on whether the cells in the eyebrow area have “forgotten” how to make hair and turned into plain skin cells. It’s worth trying, and at least for two months, SAS eyebrow and eyelashes serum is your best bet. If you still have stem cells capable of making hair-forming cells, the apocynin in thsi serum will improve the chances of survival of the nascent cells. The keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) is THE growth factor that will help accelerate the process. Be patient, eyebrows are very slow to grow.


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