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Oils to add to your bath

Fixed oils are oils like we use to cook: welcome them to your bath but don’t slip! Be careful going in and out.

Essential oils are those that give flowers their fragrance.  Be careful when/if you add them to your bath. However beautiful the ambiance, you may end up with itchy skin.

Why fixed oils in the bath?

If you choose the right ones, you will get multiple benefits

  1. Smoother skin
  2. Nutrition
  3. Calming effect for itchy skin
  4. No danger of acne
  5. Anti-inflammatory effect

Which oil?

My favorites are rosehip and pomegranate, because of their fatty acid composition, perfect to “rebuild” the skin barrier. My super favorite is Every Lipid Serum, I have it always on hand.

What to avoid?

Coconut and other oils with saturated fatty acids, good food for acne bacteria. Avoid bubble bath, the detergents required to make good bubbles will remove your skin lipids and weaken the skin barrier

Pamper yourself

Anything else to add? Go for a fragrance or essential oil that you know is not allergenic for you.

Power up your bath!

Add some ascorbic acid crystals, the antioxidant effect will complement nicely the nutrition given by the oil.

DIY: Feeling creative?

Make your own bath oil using a good base oil like rosehip and adding some vitamin E and antiox booster. Have a look at bisabolol, you may like the fragrance and it’s a great anti-inflammatory active.


Your skin will feel better, heal faster, and good oils will help with wrinkles and stretch marks. Emolliency will help with eczema. Still, avoid long baths, especially if you have eczema.


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