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Is it possible to make a vegan collagen serum?

The answer is “no” if you are talking about a serum with collagen. Only animals make collagen.

The answer is “yes”, though, if you are talking about Skin Actives “let’s make collagen serum” (LMC serum), the original name of our collagen serum. LMC serum was too complicated, so its name was shortened. But the objective of our product was always the same: to promote collagen serum synthesis and to preserve the structure and function of existing skin collagen. And a vegan version of this serum is possible and we are making it. How?

Collagen is an insoluble protein, so it can’t be used as such in a serum. What we have in the LMC serum are collagen peptides: collagen that has been broken into small pieces (peptides) that are soluble in water.

Our vegan version of the serum has simply gone a step further: we use the amino acids (made my fermentation and not extracted from animals) in the proportion required to make collagen. These amino acids will be taken up by your skin to make its own collagen. The other ingredients of the LMC serum are the same, and they will do their job: support your skin collagen and keep your skin healthy.