How much are you paying for that pretty box?

The first thing you need to know: boxes for skin care products cost a lot of money. They are made to order and the minimum is usually in the (many) thousands.  Once you print a box with the ingredient list, forget about improving the formula, because you would have to discard so many boxes and throw away good money.

This is why we at Skin Actives don’t usually use boxes. Typically, we change ingredient lists as needed, usually to add one or two actives that new scientific research shows to be effective for the problem we are addressing with the product.

The same is true for special packaging.  From the very beginning, we at Skin Actives have been frugal when it came to packaging. Conversely, we spend as much money as necessary in ingredients and research, and this is how we stay at the cutting edge of skin care. Although we have gradually improved our packaging to make it more convenient and even pretty, we still don’t like spend money in the most expensive side of packaging: screen printing, pretty boxes and expensive looking containers.

Our products are the best and also the best value for money. If you feel the need to go for “pretty” and “luxurious”, maybe get yourself a nice bottle of wine or a great chocolate, but don’t leave Skin Actives behind to replace it with a pretty container in a pretty box that has a cheap (and often useless) formulation inside.   When you buy Skin Actives, you get the best skin care and you have one less box to throw in the recycling bin.




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