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DIY: Body lotion recipe for dry, winter skin

For a rich body lotion, you may have to unlearn some stuff you read on the internet!  Really? Yes, for misinformation on skincare (and other stuff), the internet is king.

What happens in winter? Why dry skin? It has to do with the low humidity of the air, and heating in the house does not help. There might be a bit of “I don’t see it, I forget about it” about our skin covered in heavy clothes from head to toe (and now, also masks).

Any lotion will benefit from the addition of some petrolatum or mineral oil, to “patch-up” your skin barrier. But if you think long term (and you should) remember to provide some nutrition to your skin. To add petrolatum to a lotion, get some petrolatum from your supermarket (you will find it in the baby section).  A teaspoon will probably “fix” 4 oz. of lotion or cream, mix with a clean spatula.

Every Lipid serum and Collagen serum will go a long way in solving the dry skin problem because together they cover every aspect of skin nutrition.

This is also a good time to “work” on new and old scars, using our scar gel and Restoration cream, depending on the stage of healing.

Don’t forget your feet. After a Summer with sandals, just wearing socks will help but you can also provide some nutrition and emolliency, using your petrolatum enriched lotion and rosehip oil.


Note: We will soon be offering an Every Lipid Serum enriched with Vitamin D.


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