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Detoxing your skin? Are you sure that you can do better than Nature?

Are you a biochemist? Molecular biologist? Magician? No? Then stop. You can’t detox your skin or your body better than Nature.

Do you know what your kidneys do? Do you know what your liver does?

Believe me, it is hard to improve on Nature. The most likely result is that you will regret intervening in something way more complicated than you can manage.

The quacks use words to fool us, but this has been the rule forever when fake doctors sold snake oil from their carts. So be attentive at the power of words.

The words my look impressive: therapy, desincrustation, colonic irrigation. galvanic. But these are not “therapies” proven by any kind of scientific research. They are loopholes in the loose legislation that our countries won’t fix until enough people get hurt.

Your skin is in itself a “detox” machine. The way skin is formed allows for dead cells to shed when they are no longer necessary. If there is anything resembling “toxins” it could be old cells no longer functioning and bothering the rest of them. “Detoxing” will do nothing about them, but look in my blog for “senolytics” and what that means.

Electricity, muds, whatever, will do nothing to extract “toxins” from your body. Your blood vessels, kidneys, liver, all your body is equipped to keep life going, at least until something fails. When something fails, your MD may be able to help, and they often do. As we age, our skin, having absorbed more ultraviolet light than it can dissipate, may show evidence of skin cancer. See your doctor and let him/her manage the intricacies of a body that does not always make sense to us.

What can you do? You can smooth a bit your skin, from time to time, with something like the alpha/beta exfoliant. You can add nutrition and supplement your own growth factors, with our collagen serum. Pamper yourself with a mask, some relaxing music, and a nap. You will gain lots from learning about and admiring your body and pushing it just a bit. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you (or the quacks) know best and disrupt the natural functioning of an amazing machine that has evolved for millions of years.

Here, of course, I am asking you to learn from others’ mistakes. Learning from your own mistakes can be too expensive to bear. Then all you can say is “it sucks”.





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