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Dark under-eye circles: the new fashion.

From the NYT: Dark Under-Eye Circles? The Kids Say It’s Cool

A trend overtaking TikTok and Instagram has creators not only uncovering their under-eye bags but accentuating them.

Say no to new fashions that promote the lack of sleep as “trending”. It reminds me of the times when “consumption” (tuberculosis) was the mark of the poet.

I say no to anything less than 8 hours of sleep, but I agree that under-eye “bags” can be pretty, especially in the photographs of my mother and grandmother. It’s just the shape of the face and the way the light and shades play in the photo. Or admire Anna Magnani.


If you don’t like your under-eye shadows and are not worried about health or lack of sleep, use some make-up or try Skin Actives products for this area of the face.


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