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Can you “iron” wrinkles?

Yes, if we are talking about a hanky. Cotton, linen, hemp, and so on are predominantly made of cellulose, a polymer that consists of thousands of glucose molecules joined together to form linear chains. Each glucose subunit is “sticky” because it can bind to neighboring cellulose molecules via hydrogen bonds. Individually, these bonds are very weak, but together they form a network that gives the fabric its strength. These hydrogen bonds break and reform, so clothes start taking on the shape that they are left, and creases form. When we apply a hot, steaming iron, the combination of heat and moisture breaks the hydrogen bonds, and with the pressure applied by your hand (not mine, I don’t iron clothes) the cellulose molecules are forced to lie parallel with one another, and the creases are gone.

Surprise! our skin is not made of cellulose. Skin is complex, and its integrity depends on constantly breaking down old molecules and making new ones. Proteins are a major component of the skin, including collagen and elastin. You can’t iron proteins. Moreover, proteins are fragile, and if their structure is disrupted, they lose function. Forget about “skin wrinkles irons”; in fact, heat, sun exposure, and oxidants like ROS* will break havoc on proteins and your skin. When silly ads (and malignant companies) sell devices that heat up your skin to “iron wrinkles,” they give you a sure way to age your skin.

An old friend of mine, with wrinkles, brought about by decades of sun, ROS* (reactive oxygen species), and life itself, asked me for a magical wrinkle iron.

What did I send her? Something “fast” (alpha beta exfoliator), something slow but extremely effective (collagen serum), and comfort plus nutrition (ELS serum). I should add a good vitamin A cream, and she will be set. These products will not iron her skin, because nothing can iron live skin, but these products will provide nutrition, protection to stem cells, promote cell renewal, and, together with protection from the sun, they will give her skin a chance to be as good as it can after so much stress brought about by something called LIFE.

Just doing something for her ailing skin will make her feel better. And I will feel better too, for doing something to make my friends happier!

Note: for a short-term “wrinkle ironing,” try our Hydramist. The strontium in this formulation will relax the wrinkles for a while, maybe while you attend your 25th reunion party! The way strontium ions work is through competition with Calcium and plump the skin. The “extra” ingredients, ROS* BioNet and apocynin, will help your skin in other, more permanent ways. This special spray will also help counteract the effect of heat on rosacea skin by interfering with reactivity.


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