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A list of publications by Hannah (Mirta) Sivak

A list of my scientific publications and you will find that most of them were authored by Mirta, not Hannah. When I was born in Argentina, I was named Mirta Noemi because my parents had to choose from a short list of permitted names (the list is much longer now). My family always called me Hannah (Chana), like my grandmother. When I came to the USA, I chose to change my first name from Mirta to Hannah; maybe it was a silly idea (my daughter thinks so), but there you are, and I like having the same name as my beautiful grandmother, of blessed memory.


a) In refereed Journals
1. “A primer independent form of potato tuber phosphorylase” Juana S. Tandecarz, Mirta N. Sivak and Carlos E. Cardini (1978) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 82: 157-164.
2. “Studies on potato tuber phosphorylase-catalyzed reaction in the absence of an exogenous acceptor. I – Characterization of the enzyme”. Mirta N. Sivak, Juana S. Tandecarz and Carlos E. Cardini (1980) Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 212: 525-536.
3. “Studies on potato tuber phosphorylase catalyzed reaction in the absence of an exogenous acceptor. II- Characterization of the reaction product” Mirta N. Sivak, Juana S. Tandecarz and Carlos E. Cardini (1980) Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 212: 537-545.
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b) Chapters in books and papers included in proceedings of conferences

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c) Books
1) “Starch: basic science to biotechnology”. Mirta N. Sivak and Jack Preiss (1998) Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, Vol. 41. Academic Press, San Diego, N.Y. 199 pages.
2) “The scientific revolution in skin care” (2016). Hannah N Sivak. Illustrated by Claire Thomas. Amazon Kindle editions, 159 pages.

Book 2) is also available in Spanish, translated by Dr. Cecilia Hidalgo, as La revolución científica en el cuidado de la piel (Skin Actives Scientific nº 2) (Spanish Edition)