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YouTube hurts

It bothers me that a great presentation, with good visuals and rubbish science, can be so compelling if you don’t know the facts. A cute young woman explains why EGF cannot penetrate the skin and how the skin turns from stratum basale (she uses the Latin name, making it sound even better) into skin flakes, and she makes a good video. Even if it comes to the wrong conclusion.

And, no, I will not provide the link, because that’s the way that fake science spreads around.

Myth: the skin is impermeable. If you look at a small section of the cartoon representing the skin you may think so, but our skin is not a cartoon.  Please read my posts and book.

A small amount of knowledge is worse than nothing, especially if you don’t know what you don’t know. It makes you lose humility.

EGF penetrates the skin.


Hannah (annoyed)


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