Your hands and face in times of coronavirus (like right now). Get some petrolatum!

“It’s our wits versus their genes.” Joshua Lederberg (Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, 1958


When it comes to viruses, camphor will not help, as many people found out in the flu epidemic of 1918.     Forsythia will not help either (unless you are trying to decrease glucose in blood). A flu vaccine is made every year, I am always first in the line. I will be the first in the line when the vaccine for CO-VID19 is made available to the general public. Fortunately, there are some antiviral medicines that may help and I hope our government makes sure there are adequate stocks of them.

In the meantime: wash your hands, frequently, with soap and water for 20 seconds or more.  Don’t go to work if you are sick.  Be sensible. etc. Don’t retweet any of the 2 million or so conspiracy tweets floating around the toxic internet.

Use hand disinfectant as needed. Carry a small container with disinfectant in your purse and car. Some people may be allergic to a disinfectant product, if you find that the one you are using results in irritation and more, switch to a different one.

Face masks don’t protect you from the virus but may protect others if you sneeze and cough.  If you decide to wear a face mask, change it frequently and protect your skin with a light cream or serum.

Don’t share makeup (ever!).

Your hands will resent all that washing and (drying) alcohol. Take care of them with an inexpensive cream containing some petrolatum or mineral oil, ingredients that will make up for the damaged skin barrier. If you want to be even nicer, apply some collagen serum and every lipid serum under the cheap (but effective) barrier cream. For ultra protective care, try our post radiation cream.

Recipe: Transform any cream into a barrier cream

Go to the supermarket and get yourself a pound of the humble petrolatum (Vaseline or the supermarket brandsanitized hands crave.). Add a bit to a cream you like and this small amount will give the “richness” that your

Trust in science, not in quacks.

DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.


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