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Why so many acne control products?

You will not find duplicates in Skin Actives products, because I believe that every product should have a good reason to be made. But, when it comes to acne, we give you quite a few choices. Why?

Acne is a complex affliction, and many clients arrive at Skin Actives after using other companies products. Some of these products can be harsh, both short and long term, on the skin. So you may come to Skin Actives with sensitive skin which was made sensitive by the regime and products you have been using.

If you are new to acne and your first provider is Skin Actives, you could probably go for the alpha-beta exfoliator or Zit-ender, or the salicylic cleanser or the T=zone serum.

If you have gone through other companies’ products and your skin is now sensitive after long-term use of benzoyl peroxide and/or ethanol or who knows what, you may need to go, at least for a while, for a very kind and mild formulation. Even the OTC cortisone creams, used to decrease inflammation, damage the skin when used long term.

The new oil-based acne control product by Skin Actives was formulated with sensitive skin in mind. You will find in it the skin renewal actives that will keep pores open, and the anti-inflammatory ingredients and the antibacterial, the three elements needed to keep acne in check, but they are in a carrier that will suit sensitive skin.


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