When to do DIY, and when not

Why is it worth your while to make a skin care product yourself?

I can see two reasons:
1) When what you want does not exist in the market
2) When what you want does exist but it is too expensive.

However, first you should make sure that what you want is what your skin needs, and not something that has been pushed on you by advertising.

When not to do DIY

1) Don’t make a product so that you can add to it all the peptides that are in fashion. Why? Because such a product is unlikely to benefit you or your skin. If the ingredients are not beneficial, then what’s the point? More money wasted, and another chance of benefiting your skin missed.

2) Don’t make a product so that you can avoid all the “toxic” ingredients as advertised by (very) dishonest “non-profits” on the internet. Don’t be taken for a ride by a bunch of people who make money out of scaring the public. There is enough in the world to be scared about without adding “fake fears” like preservatives or “chemicals”.

How to do DIY?

To make my own “perfect” cream, I would buy a base or even a finished product (like the antioxidant day cream)  that is already very good, and make additions that will make it more pleasant or more suitable for me.

There is no need to make a cream “from scratch” (water, oil, emulsifier). I consider a cream or lotion just a base that can dissolve the actives I want on my skin.

Do it anyway if you think it will be fun to mix the water phase and the oil phase at the same temperature, with an emulsifier somewhere to keep the resulting emulsion stable and preservatives to prevent a nasty infection or your product being devoured by mold and bacteria. But making a cream from its basic ingredients will not improve the chances that it will benefit your skin.

As long as the base is suitable, all that matters is that the actives will be kept stable in a stable emulsion. Decide on what you want the product to do for you and then choose the actives accordingly. A Skin Actives beginners kit will make your life easy and you will have fun while you get the best skin care in the world with the most scientifically advanced actives.


DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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