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When there are too many data and knowledge is lacking…

…there comes the illusion sellers to take your money.

Yes, you can sequence a person’s DNA. You can sequence the DNA of your intestinal flora. You can sequence the DNA of your skin flora. And? While methodology for DNA sequence makes my efforts just (!) 20 years ago look ridiculously primitive, the fact that now it’s possible for a machine to sequence your DNA for a few dollars doesn’t mean that this information can make you live longer or prettier or younger.

It’s hard to count the many ways that fast and cheap DNA sequencing has improved our lives. I will just mention one: it allows for the better understanding of individual cancers and allows for the targeted attack on some types of cancer cells.

In the meantime, some Wizard of Oz (a.k.a. Theranos) kind of people, make money out of the lack of scientific understanding of much of the population. Don’t fall for these tricks.

The promise is that by collecting skin cells and bacteria using a patch (or adhesive tape) you will be able to understand your skin biology and become young again. No such luck. Yet. But your DNA will be used to build banks of data that will enrich the company that nevertheless will charge you for your DNA collecting patch (a.k.a. adhesive tape). Read the small print.

You have been warned.


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