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What’s your favorite ingredient?

The question should be: how did you choose your favorite ingredient? If the answer is “everybody was talking about X” then you probably chose wrong.

Ingredients that “everybody was talking about” included the following: a toxic plant extract (yes, believe me), idebenone (a CoQ10 analog that was allergenic for some people), media discarded from laboratory cell cultures, a copper salt that decreases hyaluronic acid synthesis, myriad non-biological synthetic peptides with unknown effects, a strong oxidant (benzoyl peroxide), plant stem cells, etc. This list includes ingredients that will do nothing for your skin and others that will damage and age it. Please remember that what makes people talk about something is the advertising, especially online.

These are my favorite ingredients:

Aging skin: retinyl acetate (retinol ester), epidermal growth factor, apocynin, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, sunscreen, diosgenin, coconut endosperm (complete nutrition).

Acne: salicin, granulysin, nobiletin, zinc PCA, retinyl acetate.

Hyperpigmentation: ROS* BioNet, fisetin, antioxidants, arbutin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), melatonin.

Hair loss: keratinocyte growth factor, nutrition, and vitamins.

…and many more. Please see my glossary:



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