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What to do about Ozempic skin

Everything we see seems to indicate that Ozempic and drugs with a similar mechanism of action are here to stay. It’s not “just” for obesity but also for diabetes, and outcomes for heart and renal disease seem to improve. These medications took a long time to arrive, and many patients who benefit from them are older and have been overweight for many years and even decades.

You will be able to wear nicer clothes, knee and foot pain may go away, and you can see your body as it used to be when you were younger and thinner. But your skin is now showing its wrinkles, and your arms are “floppier.”

What can you do? You may think it’s time to do cosmetic surgery and cut and tighten. You would be mistaken. Cosmetic surgery will not make your skin look younger or your subdermal fat come back; at an older age, your scars will take a long time to vanish (if ever).  Even trying to eat more (if Ozempic “lets” you) will not work. Why? because your body will not let the nourishment get as far as your skin. It will be devoured by the organs that the body prioritizes: heart, lungs, and muscles.

The only option is topical skin feeding; the nutrition and growth factors will surely reach where you need them: your skin.

Go for these two essentials: or similar (like high potency) or similar (like complete oil restoring serum)

If you are concerned about your hair/hair loss/hair texture:


And pay attention to your nails! If they become fragile, that’s an indication of lack of nutrition.

These are all products I recommend whenever health is an issue, especially for “hard” diets. Don’t neglect your skin; it has to last you a lifetime!



DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.