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What price Photoshop-like skin?


Why are some countries banning Photoshop from beauty advertising?  Because some women (and men?) may end up believing the fantasy and try to achieve it themselves.

It’s true that Photoshop can erase wrinkles and pores. The problem is when a woman tries to imitate that look using acid peels.

It’s true that Photoshop can “perfect” eyebrows. The problem is when women pull out their eyebrows and tattoo instead the shape that fashion dictates. When the fashion changes, will they change the tattoo? Good luck with that!

Is it a problem when you use acid peels to lighten your skin? It is if you are one of the many people who will suffer side effects, like hyperpigmentation, vitiligo, or sensitive skin.

I hate to think of what will happen when the skin, (which as I said many times before, is not a wall), starts showing the effect of all the stress suffered in order to reach fantasies that only exist in Photoshopped photos.

Skin Actives can help repair damage caused by environmental stress, and several of our products can help mitigate damage done by acid peels, over-plucking of eyebrows and loss of eyelashes caused by cosmetics. I will be happy to answer questions, remember that you can contact me through my website.