What is the most revolutionary thing happening now in skin care?

Skin Actives, our company.

When we started Skin Actives, we had the advantage of being outsiders, so everything we did was “thinking outside the box”. For us, there was no box.

Our starting point was not an existing cream, but beneficial activity on the skin. The “medium” was there just to provide a carrier that would allow the active/s to exert their activity on the skin, providing, for example, a stabilizing medium for the active protein. If we wanted to use vitamin C, my question was not what was popular or sold well but, rather, which chemical derivative would keep it vitamin C activity longer and without side effects.

At the start, I did not care about fragrance or texture. Only later I realized that for a product to work you need the client to actually use it, and a customer will not use a cream of unpleasant texture even if it works! So soon after we started the company, the ready to use products were modified in order to work well AND to feel good.

The emphasis will always be on the actives. What benefits the skin? Has scientific research confirmed the benefits? Are there any possible side effects? The idea is to transfer the benefits found by basic scientific research to the users as soon as possible. “ASAP” means after enough research has been done to rule out side effects. We don’t go for novelty, magic, treatments. And we certainly refuse pseudo-scientific babble like “clustered water”. fake stories like those about the NASA scientist who got burnt or the Japanese monks whose hands were magically rejuvenated.  We would never use Torricellumn or alguronic acid, because we can’t, as they don’t exist outside the imagination of publicists.

What do we offer instead of cute stories or non existent chemicals?  Science.  Our products “top-up” valuable messenger proteins already existing in our skin  like epidermal growth factor or keratinocyte growth factor when they decrease as we age. We increase antioxidant power adding to our skin’s superoxide dismutase and thioredoxin. If a protein we want to use is not available in the market, we make it from scratch, like we do with glutaredoxin.

In everything, we read the literature and discuss with colleagues,  to understand the mechanisms of action of different ingredients. How does resveratrol helps to rejuvenate the skin? Why does hair go gray and skin develops “age spots”? How does apocynin work?

We also do our best to transfer knowledge to our customers and everybody else, so that people can take skin health in their own hands and not be subject to the manipulation by advertising. You can find this information in book, forum, blog and by emailing us and asking questions.




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