What do you want THAT skin care product to do for you?

You and I buy a skin care product because we want to be prettier, solve a skin problem, and/or slow down (or reverse) skin aging.

As a rule, we read the seller’s advertisement to decide whether the product will do its job. Don’t! That is a sure way to get disappointed. Why? Because most advertisements  lie or are written by people who don’t know enough.

I want to help you learn how to find a product that will fulfill your expectations and I will publish posts that will help you achieve this objective.

First, I will explain how a skin care product is made. Second, I will explain how to read the ingredient list. And more.

Apologies to those who read my book because there will be a lot of repetition.

Ready to go?

Who am I and why you should trust me (up to a point).

I am a “skin care scientist” who published a book, “The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care,” available in both English and Spanish translated editions.

The shortest answer: I am a scientist.

I was educated in the methodology of science by the best, at the Institute for Biochemical Research in Buenos Aires founded by Luis Leloir, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1970, and Carlos Cardini.  I published more than 60 papers internationally, including refereed journals and books, on different aspects of biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology. I was a Research Fellow at the Universities of York and Sheffield in the United Kingdom from 1980 – 1990 and Research Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Michigan State University from 1990 – 2002. I retired from academia in 2002, and now I am a scientific advisor and oversee skin care products formulation for Skin Actives Scientific.

What is Skin Actives Scientific, the company I founded 

This is the place where I put into practice what I learned about human skin, its biochemistry and physiology. The objective of the products I formulate is to fix problems taking into account that skin biochemistry is very complicated and that it is way to easy to mess up.

How to ask me questions: the best way is through my forum, because then others will be able to see the questions and answers.

Thank you!

Hannah Sivak

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