What do we need for our skin?

We don’t need the same every day. A “regime” may be OK if your body is the same every day, but it isn’t.

The day you wake up with a zit that came out of nowhere you will need the flawless kit.  But run for the zit ender that you left in the fridge ready for this occasion.

The month before a class reunion party you may want to use the glowing kit. For that week, make sure you have handy the DMAE firming serum. And just before you go into the ballroom apply the Anti-aging Hydramist.

Ageless kit? From early on, maybe from your 20s, especially if you made that very common mistake: using benzoyl peroxide.

If you live in Arizona you will be needing the Hydrating kit, unless it is monsoon season. Everywhere else, you will need it in the Summer (air conditioning) or Winter (heating).

After a day in the heat, you will need the Soothe and Calm kit. If you happen to suffer from rosacea, this kit may help you too, plus try the Anti-aging Hydramist, with strontium and refreshing neroli.

If you happen to be like me, running around all day without looking where I am going, make sure you have an ice pack in the freezer, some Restoration cream in your fridge and ELS serum to prevent the nasty bruise you would get otherwise. Believe me, I am an expert in these things.

And don’t forget your hands: they age even before your face shows the effects of the sun on it.  Use the Ageless kit on them.

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