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What Causes Skin Dryness And How Best To Hydrate

We may not like the oiliness that is natural to our skin as teenagers, but it has its advantages.

Disadvantages? They are many. The minor one is the look of our oily skin. Shiny and not “glowing”, although it will reflect the light and be as glowing as it can be without Photoshop.  Then, the sebum is great food for acne bacteria, and we all know how that goes.

But think what your skin looks without sebum, or, rather, just wait until you are 40! As hormone production goes down, sebum will go down too and then dry skin and wrinkles come with it.If you are lucky, acne is long gone, but now it is time to miss sebum. Don’t!

You can do even better! Try our Every Lipid Serum from Skin Actives and you will get the emolliency your skin craves plus the essential fatty acids, ceramides to help with faulty skin barrier and antioxidants to help fight environmental pollution.

True, there is more to skin dryness than lipids. We have all those low molecular weight chemicals that make up the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) but when you complain about skin dryness, it is the lipids you are missing!

And don’t forget the main cause of skin dryness: you. If you obsessed over skin “cleanliness” you are likely to be using peels, strong “washes”, dermabrasion, etc. Don’t. A simple oil-based cleanser like the cream based cleanser or Skin cleansing oil will do a great job or removing dust and pollutants from your skin while maintaining your skin barrier intact.


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