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Water and your skin

hýdōr water (Greek)

Aqua water (Latin)

Wasser water (German)

What is water?

No water – no life. Indeed, Biochemistry courses start with a chapter on water, because it is so relevant to every chemical reaction that follows.

Because our ELS serum contains no water we can omit the preservatives: no water, no bacteria, or mold.

When it comes to your skin, the water that allows for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in your dermis or transfer of melanin from melanocytes or epidermal growth factor to do its magic, all that water is contributed by your body. Lots of water will be lost through the large area of skin exposed to air with, maybe, 10% relative humidity.  Life in the Arizona desert is certainly different from life in the primordial ocean from where terrestrial life evolved.

What can you do?

Prevent water loss to the air by protecting the integrity of your skin barrier by keeping your skin working young and healthy.

Prevent water loss from using barrier creams containing “waterproofing” ingredients like petrolatum or mineral oil or silicones.

Add water to your skin like when you take a shower or apply a moisturizing/hydrating cream or lotion.

Drink water according to common-sense practices. This is why in Arizona we don’t go out without our water bottles, while in Miami with its high relative humidity you are (almost) in the primordial ocean!

Listen to your body. Don’t expose yourself to the sun when the news is warning you about hazardous heat conditions.

Remember that stressing your body will make it easier to catch infections.

Take care




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