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Water and oil don’t mix. Let’s use this fact of life to our advantage!

What happens when you drop some oil on water? The molecules in the oil form a very thin layer at the top and that’s it. They are not going anywhere.

What is my answer to itchy, sensitive skin? I prepare a bath with warm (but not hot) water, drop some Nourishing skin serum with hemp extract in it, and then I go in. The thin layer of nourishing lipids that my skin needs so badly transfers instantly to every square inch of my body, much more efficiently than if I try to apply it patiently (I have no patience).

The myriad itches go away and my skin looks great. A bath can be a good use of your time, especially when your skin is dry as it can be, in this Arizonian Summer.

Be careful not to slip when you are getting out of the bath. Your feet soles will also be covered in oily serum!

What not to do if you have sensitive, itchy skin? Don’t take bubble baths!

When your skin itches, don’t scratch. This will only release more histamines and break the skin barrier. Take a bath with Nourishing skin serum with hemp extract and relax.

Why does this help with itch? Because of the lipids, which repair the skin and “insulate” the nerve terminals that are too “exposed” to the environment, and because the skin has receptors for the CBD. Read about CBD and your skin here.

There is no reason why aging and menopause should bring with them thin, ailing, itchy skin. Use the tools that Skin Actives offers you and take care of yourself.

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