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Watch these Skin Actives videos about….

…almost everything!  Starting 11 years ago and up to now. Many of the videos are not useful because they deal with special kits that were sold for a couple of months and then were discontinued.

Why you can’t make (or buy) a 10% hyaluronic acid product see.

Hannah mixing a cream using some Skin Actives ingredients (some useful info in there).

A refresher on what mitochondria are (by Hannah).

Hannah, again, on how to use the Skin Actives DIY kit for beginners.

Another on how to use the DIY beginners kit but without Hannah and with a very noisy background and some typos.

A fun mixing party. Something to look forward to.

Presenting the old (then new) collagen serum.

A simple presentation of epidermal growth factor.

Presenting UV repair cream. 

Using Sea kelp to modify a cream

About Every Lipid Serum (ELS). Please mute!

About Elixir 10.

Revitalizing night cream.

Creamy facial cleanser

Boosters for UV Repair.

Hannah (with very bad hair) explaining how UV light damages hair (and how to repair the damage).

Here is a series of videos of Hannah answering some interesting questions.

1) Turning back the clock on skin aging.

2) How Hannah ended up in skin science.  Useful if you are thinking about becoming a scientist.

3) The difference between Skin Actives and non-scientific based skin care (hype).

4) About teaching Science.

5) How to develop new formulations.

6) How Hannah got into protein engineering and making epidermal growth factor.

7) Mixing skin care products at home.

Another video about a mixing party. They are fun and you end up with something useful (no calories!).  No, you can’t hurt yourself!

A video showing how to use the pullulan mask. Ouch!

How to customize your product. It is so easy!

Finally, a professional video shown in our local news channel.

Yet another video about a mixing party. Watching them will make you feel comfortable about mixing your own customized skin care products, and that’s good!

Presenting our extraordinary, no-hype, solid science double action hair serum.

We tried to make life easier by separating products into categories like ageless, flawless (anti-acne), and more.

Hannah answering clients’ questions on epidermal growth factor.

You may find some of these videos boring. No problem, go to the next! If you persist, you may find a lot of information about how Skin Actives products are designed. With great dedication, hard work and taking advantage of scientific knowledge!


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