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Want smooth skin? Choose the good known over the advertised unknown



Microdermabrasion (diamond or whatever)


…and whatever else comes in fashion this next year. With high energy comes great risk (with apologies to Spiderman’s uncle).

Remember that “FDA approved” means nothing that matters. It is an advertising tool that makes people think that a procedure is safe when in fact it means that sometime, in the past, something similar was approved by the FDA even if it had to be discontinued for whatever reason, including side effects.

What that pesky “FDA approval” actually means

If your skin has a tendency to react to stress with hyperpigmentation, any and all of the above could result in more of the same. If your skin reacts with hypopigmentation, the same is true. All f the above will stress your skin.

I would suggest that you want something that remeoves the upper layers of your skin, you go for something proven to be good for your skin. Or neutral.

Good? Very good? Excellent? Great?

Vitamin A cream, or vitamin A serum, every day.

Vitamin C serum (15 or 20%)  every two or three days

Alpha/beta exfoliator every two or three days

When it comes to your skin and your face, be careful. You will need them for many decades to come.

If you want to take risks, buy a lottery ticket. At most, you will be losing some money. Not ruining your skin forever.