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Vanity and Skin Actives hair serum

I will admit to being vain. I always had great hair, even when I thought it wasn’t great hair because wavy hair was not in fashion and women went to a lot of trouble to get straight hair (I didn’t).

In my family hair loss for men and women is common, and I felt lucky that I had avoided that trend and my genes were the “lucky hair” ones.

A couple of years ago, after surgery, I lost a lot of hair and I panicked, and for the first time I had to use our hair serum with KGF. I again felt lucky when the serum reversed the hair loss and I could breath easy again. I had to recognize my vanity hen, and I admitted to it.

Now it’s back: more surgery and more hair loss, and I am back to our beloved hair serum. It is helping, of course, simply because with the amounts of vitamins, nutrition, KGF, antioxidants, etc. it has to work!

I am a bit ashamed of myself, “we” are not supposed to be vain. But we are, and at my age, maybe vanity is not so bad.

I also discovered that I can reapply the serum as often as I wish. It dries out as a styling gel and it makes my existing hair look thicker.

I am recovering from surgery and other health nuisances and I will continue to use our hair serum. I am proud that the company I founded can helping people who have been (or are) sick but continue to be vain. I am still not proud of being vain but I am starting to accept this “new” personality trait.

Our patent application for Skin Actives hair serum is still pending, but I now I can be vain and accept that the serum I designed is great. Another demonstration of my vanity.



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