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Understanding peptides. DIY recipes with peptides and how to use them

Looking for a long explanation? Find it here.

The short explanation is this: a small chain of amino acids. Yes, you still need to know that amino acids  (about 20) make up the proteins that make up our body.

Let’s take the myth away from the word “peptide”. No magic in them! The shorter they are, the less they can do (unless we are talking glutathione).

Those short peptides advertised by the skincare industry are mostly useless. A few of them can age your skin, but not because of the peptide but because of the copper they carry (run when you see blue!).

Where can you find real value for your skin?  In the longer peptides, or rather, small proteins or polypeptides like epidermal growth factor, keratinocyte growth factor, and, from time to time, a few actually short peptides.

Short peptides:

One example? Collagen peptides, which will contribute to your skin amino acids that your own skin can make into collagen and other proteins.

Short peptides (3-6 amino acids) are too simple to shape into the kind of spacial structure that can “fit” into anything of interest. They will be broken down and used, that’s it.

Glutathione (reduced) will help your skin face the oxidative stress that pollution and even our own metabolism provides every day.

Long peptides (polypeptides, short proteins).

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is folded in such a way that will fit the EGF receptor and start a complex chain of chemical reaction in your skin that will result in more protein synthesis, more cell division, and smoother and nicer skin. Yayyyyyyyy! One drop of this protein in a cream, lotion, or water-based serum and your skin will be grateful to you.


Here are some easy ones.

Longer, healthier nails.

You can get the SAS nail duo   or add a few drops of  KGF suspension   to 1 fl.oz. of Sea  kelp Coral

Faster healing

Combine the healing power of Sea kelp polysaccharides and other algae components with epidermal growth factor. A few drops of EGF suspension (dispensed with a pipette) added to 1 fl. oz of  Sea  kelp Coral will accelerate the healing of a recent acne lesion.

City defense serum

The optimum answer? Antioxidant Day Cream. That is my recipe for preparing your skin to face city traffic. If you want to make your own, try adding ROS terminator to hyaluronic acid gel or to a serum you love but has not enough antioxidant power.

Remember, DIY (do it yourself skincare) is not about making things complicated. The idea is for you to use the most advanced ingredients available in order to your own needs and the needs of your skin. At your convenience!




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