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“Topping-it-up”, replenish, boost, etc. is what makes Skin Actives so special

Top up: fill up a glass or other partly full container.  This is an important concept in the way we design products at Skin Actives.

What we DO

We “top up” the nutrients, growth factors, minerals, that are fundamental to skin biochemistry and that decrease in skin and scalp as we age or when we are under stress.

We may add actives present in botanical extracts that have been used for many decades if not centuries.

What we DON’T DO

We don’t use ingredients that don’t exist naturally in our bodies, like synthetic peptides (there is no independent research to support claims of benefits or the absence of side effects).

Innovate for innovation’s sake. Give to the body something it doesn’t recognize as its own, and it may react with allergies.

The actives I like most

… are those that disappear from our body, slowly but surely, like epidermal growth factor and keratinocyte growth factor, as we age. Scientific advances, our know-how, and persistence make it possible to add these to skincare products at the right concentration and at a reasonable price.