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Top Pore Clogging Ingredients and how to avoid them

How many of our skin problems are self-inflicted? I don’t know, but my guess is that many of them are.

Which ingredient is waxy and thick and will obstruct the pores. I would not worry about petrolatum because this very useful chemical is mainly used when our skin barrier is broken, like after a burn or wound.

What about others? Any product can be applied thick enough to obstruct pores, and makeup would be first on this list because it’s probably the only product that is applied to cover-up color irregularities or even acne. Think about how thick you have to apply make-up to cover up a zit!  Powders can do it too, don’t assume that “mineral makeup” is safe.

What are the options? Don’t cover-up. Alleviate a skin emergency by using products that alleviate the emergency fast.

What else is a problem? The sebum our skin produces. Read about sebum here, and remove excess sebum with a gentle cleanser.  Overdoing the cleansing will end up breaking your skin barrier and stimulating your skin to produce even more sebum. Read about good and bad ingredients here.

Another problem? The now everyday, all-day-long use of masks. Read about this problem here.

What to do? Cleanse gently and don’t “cake” make-up on your skin. Control acne so that you don’t have to hide it.




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