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Three “skin emergencies”

– lack of elasticity. Looking for glow and tightness –

– Dry and sensitive skin, sun damage

– large pores, greyish skin, rough texture.

Short term (like you have a party tonight!)

Tightness: DMAE, like in this SAS serum.

Glow: !5% Ascorbic acid serum or massage with crystals and rinse well

Dry and sensitive skin: avoid acids and exfoliation, physical or with proteases. Use ELS serum with hemp.

Large pores, “greyish” skin, rough texture. Throw away the magnifying mirror in your bathroom. Change the light bulb to give a more “sun-like” spectrum. Then, if these changes don’t help, use some alpha/beta exfoliating solution, leave for 5 minutes and rinse very well. Apply some ELS with hemp extract and smile.   See yourself in the mirror with your eyes and stop pretending to be your own high school bully.

Long term

Retinol (retinyl acetate)

Epidermal growth factor

Collagen serum with ROS* BioNet and apocynin

UV Repair cream

And don’t forget your hair and nails and the delicate area around your eyes.



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