The skin of men

Why do women spend so much money and time taking care of their skin and men don’t?

Is this because the skin of men and women are so different in anatomy and physiology and biochemistry? No. The difference is in the expectations we have: women rely on their appearance more, while men are judged by society by other parameters.

There are a few differences: men’s skin tends to be thicker. Another: if they wear a beard, it will cover more skin blemishes.
Because they don’t wear makeup, there will be less makeup caused damage to the skin (and eyebrows and eyelashes and hair).

Not all differences are advantages: acne tends to be more devastating for men, and the scars will be even deeper.

What does this all mean? That men should take care of their skin just as women do. They will live just as many years and will need their skin to be comfortable and protect them from changes in ambient temperature, from microbes and from the environment in general.

My suggestions:
1) For young men suffering from acne, gift them our acne kit.
2) Sunscreen! UV is the major cause of skin aging. And don’t forget hats.
3) To repair damage and help with scars: collagen serum
4) To help with dry skin: our ELS serum, with every lipid his skin needs to protect effectively
5) For aging skin: anti-age cream, UV repair cream.
6) To protect from pollution in cities: antioxidant serum. Free radicals, including those formed when UV radiation hits the skin, are a major cause of skin damage and aging.
7) To protect against hair loss: hair care serum. And if they don’t like gray hair, go for Skin Actives gray hair serum.

8) Beard! If he wants a beard, the very best beard care is at Skin Actives!