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The skin of men does not need care. Or does it?

Do men need skin care at all?  YES.   We “accept” men’s aged skin not because it looks or works better (than that of a woman) but because we (society) judge men by other standards than how smooth their skin is (money and power come to mind).

If men do need skin care, do they need skin care especially designed for them? NO.   Why do men need skin care? Because skin care is not just a matter of beauty but also health. You can’t wait until things get bad to go to a dermatologist for a lesion that may be skin cancer. You need to prevent damage and reverse skin aging if you want your skin to feel comfortable and be able to do its job: protect your body from the elements and infection.

Please see my old post about the differences between women’s and men’s skin.

But, do men actually seek skin care products? Some do, and in other cases, their “significant others” notice a problem and suggest and/or gift a suitable product.

Mostly, men come to us for advice when they worry about hair or beard. And this is also a good start, but shouldn’t be the end. Men that wear their hair short are prone to elastosis of the neck, those ugly folds, plus permanently inflamed skin (red neck!). Another problem is the sun damage to the scalp, which will worsen hair loss simply because all that high energy from UV and the Reactive oxygen species (ROS*) it creates destroys everything in its path: cell membranes, DNA, proteins, etc. and will eventually lead to skin cancer if they live long enough.  What we see in old men’s skin is the effect of decades of neglect.

Here are some options:

For acne prone skin: Zit Ender and Flawless kit
For aging skin:  Ageless Kit.
For sensitive skin: Calm and Soothe kit
For dry skin: Hydrating kit
What else? Avoid the sun, wear a hat, wear sunscreen, be nice o yourself.

DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.