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The Free Skin Care Trial Offer that is Scamming the Nation

Example of Skin Care Popup Ad

You may have seen a pop-up ad for a free trial of a miracle product, or two miracle products that offer a “free trial” if you simply pay the $4.95 shipping charge. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of these scams using various unauthorized celebrity endorsements. The ads show badly photoshopped before and after photos of Sandra Bullock, Katie Couric and many others. Once you give them your credit card, they start charging it and charging it and charging it. Hundreds of dollars later, the victims can’t find a way to “turn it off”.

These ads have targeted Dr. Oz & Ellen DeGeneres and recently Dr. Phil McGraw’s wife Robin. Some ads have even used our very own Skin Actives’ product names and pictures from our website. The ads and links are only up for a few hours, then disappear forever.

Please be cautious of these scams, Skin Actives has never and will never sell a skin care subscription. Here is a great article by Women’s Blog Talk that outlines more details of these scams. Please share with your friends and family!

If you or anyone you know falls victim to this scam, immediately contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your credit card and request a chargeback of the fees.