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Tell me about permanent hair removal. Yes or no?

This always reminds me of an old Isaac Asimov novel, The End of Eternity. Fashion changes, hair removal can be forever.

When it comes to changing your appearance forever, make sure you take into account that fashion changes, a lot.  So don’t modify forever you lovely eyebrows, because thick eyebrows will always be more popular than thin (or non existent eye brows).  Done with whatever method, be sure that whatever you do to your eyebrows maybe forever even if that is not your intention. Ask those women who as teenagers played with tweezers and ended up killing their eyebrows for eternal regret. You can always try Skin Actives Brow and Lash Serum, but no promises. It is interesting what the persistence of youth can do to your brows.

As for other parts of the body, after menopause (and even before than) hairs can sprout where they never did before, because hormone balance is not balanced anymore and because some hair producing cells seems to escape hormonal control altogether. For those, definitive removal can be a very good idea. Just make sure you choose carefully the person you are going to give life and death control over your skin.

For hairs that still have melanin in then, laser can work nicely. A couple of uncomfortable sessions will leave you free of pesky hairs sprouting in visible places. If the hairs have already lost melanin, you will have to find a method that does not rely on hair color, like electrolysis.

Once and again, people ask me if there is a topical product that can be used for this purpose. Not at present. Whatever kills the cells in charge of making facial hair will also kill skin cells, indiscriminately. In other words, what discourages hair growth will also discourage skin renewal and age your skin overall.

While you think about all this, get yourself a good pair of tweezers. They are not easy to find.


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